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The Caven Web Directory Submission Terms

Terms of Submission


If your site is listed you will receive an email to confirm this.

If your site is rejected, it is usually because it does not conform to The Caven Website Directory submission terms. The most common reason for rejection is there is not a VISIBLE valid link back to The Caven Web Directory from the domain of the website that is being submitted. Other reasons include adult or pornographic site which not accepted under any circumstances.

The Caven Web Directory will not accept the following types of websites for inclusion:

Non English language sites.
Pornographic or sex sites.
Sites that promote drugs of any kind.
Inappropriate Dating sites.
Sites that promote hate or violence.
Gay or Lesbian sites.
Sites "Under Construction".Sites with little or no content.
Sites that infringe copyright.
File sharing, peer to peer warez or illegal software sites.

Any thing else that the admin of the directory feels is inappropriate.

Please do not email asking why your site hasn't been listed as quickly as you think it should have been or if it has been rejected. We check every listing to ensure it complies with our policies.
Paid submissions will be given priority over free listings.

Free Submissions

The Caven Web Directory will endeavour to review and approve sites that are submitted withing 24 hours. There are times however, where this may take longer, particularly during holiday periods where it can take anything up to a week for your submission to be approved.

All sites submitted for free inclusion must provide a VISIBLE reciprocal link back to The Caven Web Directory. This is checked. If there is no link found, or if the link is removed after your listing has been approved your listing in the directory will be removed. Links are checked on a regular basis.

Please copy and paste the following html code into your web page BEFORE submitting your site.

Please note: The reciprocal link MUST be from the domain of the website you are submitting and be VISIBLE!! We have had a number of submissions from "Expert SEO" companies who think it is OK to have one link for 50 different websites.

Free submissions are for a 6 month period only.

Paid submissions

The cost of a paid submission is as follows:

Non-reciprocal Link (Lifetime)                            $15.00
Featured link (Lifetime)                                       $30.00
Partner text link (Lifetime)                                   $50.00
Partner image link 120 x 34 pixels (Lifetime)    $100.00
Front page banner (Lifetime)                            $500.00

These are one off charges and your listing is guaranteed to remain in the directory for the lifetime of the directory.
Payments must be made via Paypal. Please use the Contact Us form to request a partner link or a front page banner. A Paypal invoice will be sent to you.

On receipt of funds, your listing will be added to the directory.

Sites submitted for paid inclusion will not be required to provide a reciprocal link, although one would be appreciated.

These terms are non-negotiable. By submitting your site for inclusion, you agree to these terms.

We reserve the right to make changes to these terms at any time. Always check the terms before making a submission

March 31 2012